Physics 248 Spring 2013: A Modern Introduction to Physics

Description: Continuation of Physics 247. Introduction to physics recommended for students who are considering majoring in physics, astronomy, astronomy and physics, AMEP. Also suitable for those majoring in science or mathematics. Oscillations and waves, electricity, magnetism, and topics from thermodynamics, radiation, and quantum physics. Three lectures, two discussions, and one three-hour lab per week.

Prerequisites: Open to Freshmen. Physics 247, Math 234 or concurrent registration. Intended primarily for physics, AMEP, astronomy-physics majors. Not open to students who have had Physics 202 or 208; students will receive physics degree credit for only one of the following courses: Physics 104, 202, 208, 248

Instructors: Duncan Carlsmith, 4285 Chamberlin, 262-2485, ; Michael Winokur, 5106 Chamberlin Hall, 890-0958,

Teaching assistant: Sam Ducatman, Chamberlin 5218, 263-2449, Office hours (in lab room) 11:00-12:00 AM, M and W,

Lectures: Chamberlin 2241, 09:55-10:45 AM, M, W, F

Discussion session: Review of concepts and examples. Come prepared!

Laboratory session: Laboratory sessions are mandatory. See syllabus/calendar for schedule. If you miss a lab, arrange a makeup with the TA.

Online homework: Weekly exercises through the CONNECT website are due each Friday evening before midnight. Use the following URL to register: . There you enter your email address which is used to check if you already have access, and if not enter the access code bundled with a purchased text or purchase access to McGraw-Hill CONNECT.

Office Hours: Instructors are available after class (alert instructor) or by appointment (send email or connect via skype).


1) (Required) University Physics with Modern Physics, by Wolfgang Bauer, Michigan State University, Gary D. Westfall, Michigan State University ISBN: 0072857366 Copyright year: 2011, Packaged with CONNECT website online exercise system.

Hardcover book (with modern physics) bundled with Connect Plus: ISBN: 007-740569-2 Three-hole punch book (with modern physics) bundled with Connect Plus is: 007-801296-1. Connect Plus access code (which is the full text with modern physics and the homework access on-line) is: 007-730550-7. The following will be available at the University Bookstore: Volume 1 (chapters 1-20) with Connect Plus: 007-801537-5 Volume 2 (chapters 21-40) with Connect Plus: 007-801538-3. Both Volumes will be used in Physics 247.

2) (Required) Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 3rd Ed., Stephen T. Thornton, Andrew Rex, Brooks-Cole (2006) SBN-10: 0534417817. Note the 3rd edition will be used.

3) The general laboratory manuals are online at,, and, and Instructions for labs not in the manual with be supplied by the Teaching Assistant. Information about lab notebook requirements is here .

Grading: The final grade will be determined from the components listed below.

Cheating: Anyone caught cheating on an exam will receive an F for the course.

Honors: Consult instructors for acceptable research projects. A 5 page (double spaced) term paper describing the work of a Nobel prize winner in physics is acceptable for Honors credit. The paper should summarize the award winning work itself and present day research in the area including three recent papers from the ArXiv. It is due no later than 29 April.

Syllabus: see link below

Website: Grades, links, and additional resources will be available at the course website on LEARN@UW.



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